"As a college coach, I receive a lot of videos from prospective student-athletes. I get excited when I watch a video that has all of the athlete’s information and shows all of their skills both on defense and offense on a short 5 minute DVD. I like how Christine incorporates the slow motion as well so as a coach, I can focus on their mechanics. Christine knows the game of softball and understands how coaches recruit and what they are looking for in potential athletes. There is no doubt that Christine’s videos capture what I need to recruit great talent for my future team! " 
 -Kimberly Bloemers, Head Softball Coach Palm Beach Atlantic University

Martha McCall

“I have received hundreds of recruiting videos over the past 7 years.  When I receive one from CS Sports Productions I know that it will be worth my time.  Christine uses her extensive knowledge of softball combined with technology to give me just what I am looking for.  I want to see a showcase of skills not a movie, and Christine delivers this by showing every aspect of the players game, including slow motion, in a short video that makes me feel like I’m right there watching practice.  I trust her videos so much that I’ve hired her to film for our sophomore student-athletes.” 
Martha McCall, Head Softball Coach Palm Beach State College